A Christmas Poem (by Sandy Cheeks)

 once upon a christmas night
there was a very special fight

 two reindeers in a ninja suit
one of them playing the flute
the other one, from time to time
was eating tasty greasy slime

 the sound they made was much too loud
and Santa had just kicked them out
from Santa's Home on the northpole
to stop this fight was Rudolphs goal

 the village on the upper hill
was calm and nice and all so still
but the big fat mayor Russel Tweep
wasn't able to get some sleep

 the fight was going on in front of Russel's house
and Russel was short just like a mouse
he went out to stop that fight
to bring himself a quiet night

 the reindeers were attacking still
each other on the lower hill
and Rudolph as a referee
his nose was shining brightely

 who ever needs a ninja star
he hasn't go that much too far
you don't speak any Japanese
or bow down on your knees

 just put this wish on your wishlist
and Santa will bring you all of this

 the snow was falling slowly down
one reindeer - name unknown -
was using a sword to kill his pal
a tragedy? no, not at all!

 the opponent, he survived - hooray
and Rudolph saved the christmas day
Russel Tweep was in the killing line
and the reindeers all were fine

 instead of killing the reindeer friend
Russel Tweep had found an end
but reindeers never never worry
not even Rudolph was so sorry

 they left the place to Santa's home
who also was bad to the bone

Merry Christmas,  Sandy

Don't Stop Fighting For The Squirrel