V.A. - Merry Pixmas
 This christmas compilation contains the who-is-who from the current chiptune
 scene and some fresh and sparkling newcomers. Thanks to every artist who sent
 in music, images and other stuff. This release would not have been possible
 without the users at 8BC.

 Some songs have been reworked twice or even three times by different artists.
 This is no problem because every artist interpreted the songs different and
 even though the meldodies might be the same, the styles and the sound are very
 unique each time.

 Pixelmod Records wishes you a merry christmas 2008 and all the best for 2009.

 This compilation is dedicated to Logan Whitehurst who died of a brain tumor in
 December 2006. He wrote the song werto covered for this compilation.



 #01 Arcadecoma.
     Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
 #02 8 Bit Weapon
     Ave Maria (Chiptune Mix)
 #03 motone
     We Wish You A Merry Christmas
 #04 werto
     Me And The Snowman (Logan Whitehurst Cover)
 #05 Goto80
     Dear Santa
 #06 FamiKiller
     Somewhere In My Memory (Home Alone Theme)
 #07 little-scale
     Coventry Carol
 #08 ComputeHer
     We Wish You A Micro Christmas
 #09 The MM Project
     Winter Wonderland (I Hate Christmas)
 #10 Ouch, Fire!
     Frosty The Snowgram
 #11 Sandy Cheeks
     Kraizee X-Mas Potpourri
 #12 GreyScreen
     Christmas Time is Here
 #13 Partytheft
     Deck Tha Halls With Your Anus (Special Mix)
 #14 cy9ez
     Cup of Lifenoodles
 #15 Joedouken!
     Winter Wonderland
 #16 !D!
     Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
 #17 Shaun Carley
     Carol of the Bells


 Front cover done by Note! Back covers done by MM in hours and hours of
 "copy-and-pasting" of small pixel letters. All additional artwork also done
 by MM and Note!

 We want to thank everybody that has participated in this compilation.

 Note! for his spontaneous cover artwork. FamiKiller for his artwork. Danny
 from XXS for his text with plenty of facts around christmas. Sandy Cheeks for
 her poem (honey, stop doing drugs!) And last but not least all the musicians
 that send in tracks. I love you <3 <3 <3 <3 Additional thanks to Goto80 and
 Partytheft who gave us their tracks for this compo.

 We hope we can repeat a project like this very soon.


 This compilation is released under the following license: